Doet voor Love – James Dee ft. Smash & Aries (Produced by Bennie Mellies)3 min read

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Working with Smash & Aries and James Dee

The track “Doet voor Love” was another great collab in 2019 for Bennie Mellies. Smash and Aries who are good friends of Bennie reached out to while they heard the beat “Sappig” produced by Bennie. Smash followed up with Bennie to see if the track could be adjusted in both BPM and structure to fit the lyrics that he wrote for James Dee. James Dee is an upcoming artist in the Dutch Urban scene. She allready did another track with Smash & Aries for the Dutch TV program “Het Spijt Me” where their song was featured as title song. Nevertheless the tv station RTL4 decided to go with the old tune from Anita Meijer again after a poll on the internet. But the track “Het Spijt Me” by James Dee gained a lot of views and attention.

Releasing Doet voor Love

After working on the track together for a while, we finally had the end production. This was send over to a professional engineer (Paul Laffree) who helped us out mastering and mixing the track for radio quality. In the meantime Smash & Aries were also working on a professional videoclip for “Doet voor Love“. The track has a nice summer vibe and some great reggaeton/bubbling elements.

Teaser Doet voor Love

Before we officialy released the videoclip, a teaser was published to gain more traction and promotion for the track. We received a lot of great feedback and comments, see the teaser here:

Artist of the Week at FunX

The track was released on 29 november 2019 and immediately made it to the popular Spotify playlist “La Vida Loca“. James Dee was also featured at FunX as artist of the week after visiting the FunX studio together with Smash and Aries. In a short period of time the track gained a lot of views and listens on Spotify. In total the track was streamed 30,000 times and was picked up by diffferent radio stations and DJ’s.

See the interview with FunX, Smash & Aries and James Dee here.

Comedy Sketch & Official Videoclip

Aries who is the MC of Smash and Aries also has a lot of experience in the stand-up  comedy world. Smash & Aries decided that the video should have a comic intro before the start of the song. The sketch is hilarious. ?

Here is the official Videoclip for “Doet voor Love” by Smash & Aries ft. James Dee (Prod. Bennie Mellies):

Doet voor Love the  Remixes on Spotify

After the official release with Bennie Mellies, Smash & Aries teamed up with Team Peach and Jay and Josh for the “Doet voor Love Remixes”.

The version of Team Peach made it to the spotify playlist “La Vida Loca” again. Which also gave more traction for the official track.

Doet voor Love on Spotify

Make sure to check out the song Doet voor Love by James Dee, Smash & Aries and Bennie Mellies on Spotify:

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Talk to you next time. Thanks!

Best, Bennie


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